Recommended Courses

Special Kaiseki Course ¥35,000 (w/seating charge: ¥37,800)

Special Kaiseki Course ¥30,000 (w/seating charge: ¥32,400)

Kaiseki Cuisine Course 雪 (Yuki) (8 dishes ・Rice・Fruit・Dessert)
¥20,000 (w/seating charge: ¥21,600)

Kaiseki Cuisine Course 月 (Tsuki) (8 dishes ・Rice・Fruit・Dessert)
¥15,000 (w/seating charge: ¥16,200)

Kaiseki Cuisine Course 花 (Hana) (8 dishes ・Rice・Fruit・Dessert)
¥10,000 (w/seating charge: ¥10,800)

※The number of dishes will remain the same, but please note that ingredients will vary due to season and procurement.
※The prices listed in the parentheses include 8% seating charge.
※ Please note that for the Special Kaiseki Course the number of dishes and type of ingredients will vary depending on the price selected and procurement.
※ Dinner Courses may be ordered for lunch.

Lunch Menu(not available for dinner)

Mini-Kaiseki(Lunch only) (5 dishes ・Rice・Fruit・Dessert)
¥6,000 (w/seating charge:¥6,480)

Reservation Information

・Prices Listed

※Prices in parentheses include 8% seating charge. In addition to the prices listed, a 10% service charge and 8% tax is required at the time of online payment.

・Use of the Private Room

There is a 10% private room fee required for use of the private room.

・Policy on bring cake or drinks into the restaurant

Bringing liquor into the restaurant is allowed, however there is a required corkage fee of 3,000 yen for every bottle brought into the restaurant. Bringing cake into the restaurant for celebrations is free of charge.

・Guests with children

Adults may bring children 10 or older if they can eat an adult's course.

・Reservations for guests dining alone

Requests for reservations are accepted for 2 or more guests. However if you would like to dine alone, please make an inquiry form the inquiry form and we will check to see if it is possible.

・Note regarding the service

Please note that the staff at Komago do not speak English. For any questions please contact My Concierge Japan at We apologize for any inconvenience.

・How to make reservations

If you would like a reservation, please fill out the reservation form on this site. Once we can confirm availability, prepayment online for your course is required for a reservation. Any additional orders that you make for food or drink at the restaurant can be paid for at the restaurant after your meal.