Experience every part of the hospitality involved in traditional Japanese Cuisine

We believe that the value of a Japanese restaurant is not only derived from their ability to only provide delicious Japanese cuisine. Along with delicious cuisine, we believe that there are many other important things that are part of the experience we want our guests to have at the restaurant, such as the atmosphere, the garden, the dishes the cuisine is served on, the way the dishes are served and our hospitality. Each and everything at the restaurant have a specific meaning behind it, with meticulous attention to every detail, from the arrangement of the flowers, the hanging scrolls, and the preparation for each guest’s arrival. Starting with the preparation of the cuisine and the menu, each dish the cuisine is served on is carefully selected. All of these are things are expressed are at the heart of hospitality. It is our hope that the spirit and culture of Japanese restaurants passed down from generation to generation can continue to be something that guests can continue to enjoy for generations to come.

Kenichi Fujiwara

About the Restaurant

Once a bustling town known for its hot springs and Japanese inns with fine dining, Kōyōen has become one of the most exclusive residential areas in Japan. Located only a 5-minute walk away from Hankyu Kōyōen Station, the restaurant is nestled quietly in an authentic Japanese-styled sukiya-zukuri architecture. Guests can enjoy the distinct changes of the seasons in Japan and the interior decorations such as “ikebana” (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) and the hanging scrolls which create a refined ambiance. Surrounding the Japanese garden are two private rooms and table seating. Guests will find the rustic interior produces a zen-like tranquility. We hope that guests slowly enjoy our Japanese cuisine with that special person in their life.

About the Cuisine

The traditional approach is taken to making the dashi or stock for our Japanese cuisine, with katsuo (skipjack tuna/bonito) and konbu (kelp) forming the basis for the creations at Komago. Not focusing on a showy performance, Komago rather simply aims to obtain the highest quality ingredients possible, specially ordering them from around Japan, produce delicious cuisine for its guests, and focus on the details such as carefully matching each dish with Japanese earthenware and dishware to suit, presentation of the dishes, and the timing in which the dishes are served. Komago provides its cuisine with the Japanese concept of “Ichigo-Ichie” in mind. Roughly translated into English as "one chance in a lifetime”, this term reminds people to cherish any gathering that they may take part in, citing the fact that meetings in life can never repeated twice.